This aberration happens when I switch from X11(plasma)to CLI with ctrl+alt+F2
but not if I set multi-user as default
I'm on Fedora 29, any ideas?

In case of a tornado would it be safe to go into the sewers?

What if humanity is playing a Weekend at Bernie's and earth is already dead?

what's your favorite game of the Lumb Raider series?

wtf phoronix is still benchmarking the ET game for NES? what else could 'ET: Legacy v2.75' mean?

If the new AMD Vega GPU is so great, how come it has only 7nm?

Want to now why Pleroma has that funky ass name? It's an acronym:

Pdemonstrate value
Lengage physically
Enurture dependence
Rneglect emotionally
Oinspire hope
Mseparate entirely

I have an evil idea, my classmates are such normies that if I ask nicely probably 60% of them will give me their azure credits

Arch wiki has nothing on the Fedora documentation

My desktop computer is 2 meters away, instead of getting up I'm researching wake-on-lan... send help!

omg someone did some witchcraft and my wireless keyboard finally has no stupid media keys as default instead of f1-12

however If I switched from nano to something else it would be to emacs

Could the dominion defeat the OG borg?

I sent the output to dev/null (the script works, I just don't like seeing it), is this correct or am I a piece of shit?

if ! pgrep neomutt > /dev/null; then

fucking useless angel, speaking in tongues

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