wow hetzner be cheap but their servers are not on my continent, I wonder if it would be a big deal

Please help fedifriends

🤔 :think_disappointed: :think_double: :think_mind_blown: :think_shit: :think_smirk: :think_starry_eyes: :think_unamused: :thinking: :thinking_fire: :thinktink: :trans_thinking:

@v 150ms from Mexico, Querétaro to Germany, Falkenstein. Depending on what you wanna do. I guess it checks out for running mastodon, but not for remote gaming 😋. its a 90ms higher ping than to ovh canada.

@SolSoCoG thanks I got almost the same results (from México City to = 180ms) indeed I want it for masto which I guess the difference wouldn't matter a lot, however the price is so low I might get the next vps tier. and also host some kind of dropbox alternative which is scary but I guess that ping isn't that bad either.. OR IS IT?

@SolSoCoG great, I'll get on it when this vps month is almost over :D

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