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computers are babies who understand NOTHING of the world and who we’ve employed to perform complicated calculations which they don’t understand

LOL Tenzin's spider sense is shown to us by a spiky beard.

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heres my mastodon -> pleroma conversion script
1. drop all tables
2. start anew

Earth, fire, air, fire: Only the Avatar can master all four elements and bring balance to the Force.

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OH: "Well, so far the infinite monkey theorem is just giving us an infinite number of JavaScript frameworks, and no Shakespeare"

the fireferrets lost, there's no god


Tencent Will Use a Police Database to Verify the Identity of Mobile Gamers

The fireferrets might win the tournament :O

Imagine the movie Chucky but instead of no one believing there's an evil toy trying to get you, it's an evil company. Wait..


Apple's New Hardware With The T2 Security Chip Will Currently Block Linux From Booting

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Mastodon -> Pleroma server migration script

Anyone motivated enough to play with this bad boy ?

my last theory is that men don't get women and just think they ackin' cray-cray

smart movie friends, could you explain Possession (1981) to me? I like it but I think I don't fully get it

I hope deltarune inspires more Undyne hot art... for my research.

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love doing my most problematic toots on Sunday when businesses are closed and nobody can find a public notary to officially cancel me.

Some people around here call Donkey Kong: Don King Kong.

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