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As the song says
Boys will be boys 🎶
(or girls)
(or all of the above)
(or none of the above) should switch to pleroma, it would scale much better with their large userbase

Always look both sides, I've been hit by a car going in reverse 🚗:face_dead:

I bet 's federated timeline looks great right now

Hello everyone! I'm new to the site, rather, one of the many, MANY tumblr migrators... and to start up my new acount here, I would like to start with a set of #darksouls parody creatures I made some time ago.
Hope you all enjoy them!

In 3 minutes I made posts that would appeal to
-computer nerds
-Anime nerds
-Philosophy nerds

Praise me or cancel me!
(please don't cancel me)

I'm getting some vibes that there's an unpublished sequel to Nietzsche's `Thus Spoke Zarathustra` where god resurrects at the third day.

Still waiting for the second coming of Beerus.

That if the Antichrist is the internet and the 7 layers of TCP/IP are its heads?

Hop in my space Chevy 2009 and let's explore the space galaxy

check out this emojo I stole from wikipedia :hammer_and_sickle:

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I'm begging to either hire several additional mods or close sign ups for good. Or both.

I'm going to power down my server to scale it up so it can handle all the user it has. BRB

What if I kept replying "Thanks" to one of these?:

"We've marked your ticket as resolved! If you believe that your issue has not been resolved, simply reply to this email and we will automatically reopen the ticket."

I may be a freak in the office but I'm all business in the sheets, what's up?

I got my tarot cards read and all came as this one. What does it mean?

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