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Code of conduct

The fediverse is a great place where you can really be yourself thanks to its amazing community. In order to keep it that way, please avoid:

• Harassing other users
• Any kind of hate speech (racism, discrimination, sexism, xenophobia, etc)
• Untagged sensitive material and spoilers (everybody has the right to choose what to see)
• Content illegal in México, Germany and USA (we're under those jurisdictions)
• The types of content mentioned in the next section ↓

External moderation

CDMX is a place focused on people interacting with people. With that objective in mind, content or accounts that clutters our timeline will be removed, such as:

• Automated accounts (bots, mirrors, media dumps, etc)
• Ads (companies, institutions, brands, organizations, etc)

Instance moderation list

I'm open to feedback!

I'll gladly take any constructive criticism

Supporting CDMX

Unlike other free social networks where users pay with their personal data, in this instance you are not the product
CDMX is and will always be free because I happily pay for everything

If you would like to help:
• Recurrent donations: Librepay
• Non-recurrent donations: Ko-Fi
• Contact me if you want to help in any other way (info at the top)


• We have great moderation tools, be descriptive in your report so I can be as helpful as possible
• Our emails come from a cdmx.rocks address, some services might flag them as spam
• If you would like to know more about Mastodon, here's the documentation (don't worry, it's a short read)
• CDMX uses Mutant Standard emoji under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0